Play by Play poster - help me make one!

Hey, I want to make a poster to help advertise Play by Play (the monthly show I perform with Charlie Todd.)

If you don’t know the show it involves Charlie and I doing commentary over live awesome improv sets.

It shouldn’t be too hard. I can give you details when you contact me.

If you want to help me make a poster please reply to me here (tumblr allows messages) or via any social media (twitter or facebook) or email me if you have my email (that’s the best option). Let me know how much you’d charge too.

I am too scared to post my email here.



I was in class when this went online yesterday so I didn’t get to post it here. Part of a really fun video series with UCBComedy and

Trevor Williams and I wrote it! Nate Russell directed it!

Trivia: Characters are named after the Hines family, my relatives and an old college joke.

Erik and Trevor must have written this just for me. I loved Dark Knight Rises, love Pardon The Interruption, and love characters named after my younger brother, my older brother’s middle name and my wife’s maiden name.

It’s funny too, but I feel that’s irrelevant.