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How long is an hour?

What if time moves different for different people. I am color blind so the colors I see are different than the colors you see. Maybe my “hour” is faster than your “hour”?

I think that would be great! Maybe that’s the real reason some people are so productive. Like maybe Stephen Spielberg has a slower time perception than Quentin Tarantino and that’s why he directs more movies? So Tarantino is like, “Finally finished Django Unchained” and Spielberg giggles and says “Nice work, here’s Lincoln and War Horse plus I helped with Tin Tin”. But he shouldn’t laugh! He had more relative time!

Maybe Stephen King has the slowest time perception of anyone so he just sits around wondering what takes other author’s so much time to write a novel.

Or maybe I just take slow showers?

Don’t watch this video. It’s a trailer for season two of Hannibal.

I think it spoils some stuff.

That being said it gives a good glimpse of what kind of show it is. Odd imagery, characters being manipulated, Hannibal eating fancy meals.

The show is good. Real damn good. It’s airing on Fridays starting in February. I don’t think there is a free way to catch up (legally). It’s not on Netflix, and last I checked it wasn’t free on Amazon Instant Video. I’d suggest watching this show. It’s really really good.

I remember watching episode one of Breaking Bad when it first aired. Then I had to wait for the rest of the world to catch up. I fear that because this show is Network (even if it has some odd international funding deal) that it won’t make it to season three unless more people watch it.

Prove me wrong. Watch season 2, even if you haven’t seen 1. If you find some way to watch season 1, then watch that too.