This is the play I wrote and directed for the UCB 10 Minute Play Festival.

It’s called The Watch. It’s under 10 minutes and it stars Carrie McCrossen and John Marballi with Drew Luster.

Here is a vague and hopefully tantalizing description of what its about: Carrie worries that she is losing her mind, until her husband’s ugly orange watch changes everything.

This video was edited by Jocelyn Roueiheb

10 minutes is a long time in internet video land, but hopefully a few of you who didn’t make it out will watch it. I’m pretty proud of it! The cast is unbelievably good.




I feel like the first X-Files movie never gets enough credit for being awesome. A common complaint when it was released was that it was “just an episode of the show, slightly bigger in scale, for the big screen.”

That’s true, but that’s also what was cool and fun about it. It was a connecting bridge between seasons 5 and 6— when season 6 began, the “previously on” segment included widescreen clips from the film, because it was important to the continuity of the series.

The 2nd X-Files was an undeniable letdown, despite some strong moments, because it felt like a not-bad-but-basically-unmemorable episode, which feels especially lousy when it isn’t surrounded by a bunch of much better episodes.

It makes me sad that Gillian Anderson has apparently nixed the idea of returning for a limited series of X-Files episodes, because it feels like that would be SO much more satisfying than a third movie. (Not that I’d be upset to see them make a third movie- I’ll take any new X-Files I can get.)

It feels even worse when Anderson is willing to be in a show like NBC’s Crisis, which is awful. She is also in two very good shows right now- Hannibal and The Fall- but it would be so much fun to see Mulder and Scully return for, say, an 8-episode run.

Connor didn’t talk enough about how good she is on Hannibal. And she is in less of that show because of Crisis